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June 24, 2007
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It was 9:00 am. The school bell rang and the children walked into the hall. The last people to walk in was Sora and Kairi. They were laughing as Sora told a joke. They then waved as they went into their classes. When Kairi sat down at her desk she blushed as she thought of Sora. She started to daydream about him but was soon interrupted by the sound of a ruler being smacked on her desk. She quickly snapped out of it and looked up. There the teacher stood looking down at her. A sweat mark ran down Kairi face as she smiled at the teacher. Luckily before the teacher could say anything the lunch bell rang. All the children ran out of the class and Kairi sighed happily.

“Saved by the bell!” she said. She grabbed her books and walked out. Sora smiled as she walked through the door entering the lunch hall. He waved and she waved back. She walked over and sat next to him. They started to talk again then began to eat their lunch. Kairi blushed lightly as she ate her lunch. Unfortunately this time Sora saw her blushing. He smiled.

“Hey Kairi why are you blushing?” he asked. Quickly realising that Sora had noticed her blush she answered

“Uhh...” after a moment they both started to laugh. Suddenly Riku creeped up on them. They both jumped and Riku laughed and sat down.

“Scared you didn’t I?” the three of them laughed. Roxas then sat down too.

“Hey guys. Man you should have seen your faces when Riku scared you.” He laughed and soon all of them began to laugh with him. Kairi then looked down and blushed again. Sora saw her blush again and smiled. Riku and Roxas looked at eachother and smirked. Suddenly the school bell rang and they quickly got up.

”I’ll see you after school guys. Bye.” Kairi waved as she opened the door and walked in. Sora waved back then started to walk with Roxas since they both were in the same class. They waved to Riku as he went another way to his class. On the way Sora asked Roxas.

“Hey Roxas do you know what’s been up with Kairi lately?” Roxas looked back with a surprised look on his face.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Sora gave a confused look but Roxas just sighed. He turned the metal handle on the door and himself and Sora walked in. They both sat down in their desks. Since they were right beside eachother Sora asked.

“What did you mean by isn’t it obvious?” Roxas just grinned. Sora got a bit angry but didn’t show it. He was really confused about what Roxas ment. When the final school bell rang the four of them met up at the entrance of the school and walked together. They stopped at Roxas and Riku’s street. They both waved as they walked home. Sora and Kairi started to walk home after they waved back at them. Kairi smiled then asked.

“Hey Sora my Mom is gone to work for the day and my Dad is out of town. Do you maybe want to come over?” Sora smiled and nodded. Kairi smiled back and she secretly was so happy that he said yes but she tried her best not to show it. When they arrived to Kairi’s house Kairi got the house key and unlocked the door. The both of them threw their school bags on the chair and walked into the sitting room. They both sat down on the couch and watched some tv. Kairi once again blushed but luckily Sora was to busy watching the tv to notice. When they got bored of tv Kairi asked.

“Hey do you want to go get something to eat?” Sora looked at her.

“Yeah ok.” They both smiled and walked beside eachother to the kitchen. They both got a sandwich and sat down and ate. While she was eating she still blushed as she looked into his deep blue beautiful eyes. He saw her but just smiled. She quickly looked down at the table. He just kept on smiling. Whenever he was near Kairi all he could do was smile. He felt so strange in a nice way about her. When they finished their sandwich Sora leaned back in his chair. Kairi giggled then told Sora when Axel fell out of his deck and knocked over the teacher. The two of them laughed like crazy. Kairi then said.

“Hey do you want to go up to my room? I’ve got a new movie and I would love to watch it with you.” She smiled and blushed while she asked. Sora felt like blushing but didn’t but his cheeks still went red. He smiled and nodded. So the two of them got up and walked up the stairs to Kairi’s room. She closed the door and put on the movie. She closed the curtains and turned off the lights. Then they both sat down on the bed and watched the movie. In the middle of the movie Sora decided to do a trick with Kairi. He yawned and stretched his arms. Then he put one arm around Kairi. She blushed deeply but because it was dark Sora couldn’t hey blushing. Kairi moved closer to Sora and Sora then blushed. They both then looked in eachother’s eyes……
Well I'm a fan of Sora and Kairi.I got the idea from reading LittleXBlackXFlower's Sora X Riku except this is Sora and Kairi. *seriously read her chapters their f*cking awesome^^)Anyway hope u like it^^

Characters (c) Squaresoft
Writing (c) me
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